Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Resolutions / Goals

                Hello everyone!  Top Ten Tuesday is just how it sounds, a topic is picked and we put our Top Ten for that in a post and share and check out everyone’s answers.  Top Ten Tuesday is now being hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl.

The top ten today is:  Bookish Resolutions / Goals

Complete my Reading Challenges- I am doing several challenges this year, most repeats from the previous year that I didn’t complete and I want redemption

Finish open series that I’ve started- I have some that I am 1 book into and others I only have 1 book left to finish them.  Not only will this help my one of my challenges but it will let me put to rest some of the open stories in my head.

Review all the books as I finish them- I have a bad habit of sometimes finishing a book and diving right into another, specifically the sequel, and not reviewing it first.  That makes reviewing it difficult as I don’t want my thoughts on the next one to influence me.

Growing my blog- I don’t really know how to do this specifically just make sure that I am staying on schedule and making sure my posts are 100% uniquely me as always.  Oh and not forgetting to post my links over to social media would probably help too….

Work on Instagram- I have an Instagram but I don’t post much there.  I love to browse it and such and look at all the beautiful photos but I just never take the time to get that perfect shot or type in all the #’s (autocorrect kills me here)

Read more books I already own than new buys- Okay I have a library now.  I finally got to create a dedicated library and I love it but I have so many books I got and was super excited to read them but never got around to it.  I know some I have kind of moved away from but others I’m still eager about and just need to go through and pull them out!

Write- I used to write all the time from my own little stories, a couple books I have started and never finished, and fanfiction but in the last year or two I haven’t written anything that wasn’t a review.  I just always find myself doing something else and not putting my time towards it.

                   Tell me what you think of my list in the comments below.  Which would you recommend so I know which ones to get first?  Also please link back to your Top Ten as well so I can check out your list and see what I missed!

Monday, January 15, 2018


                Hello happy readers!  I am super excited to share with you todays review of a cute fun contemporary.  I missed the signing for this because I had to work and this transition to night shift has kicked my butt to the point I didn’t even get to call in to order a book to be signed to pick up next week.  Sigh.  After finishing this book I am even more disappointed because it was so much fun to read.  The book in question, Busted by Gina Ciocca.  I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this from NetGalley and the publishers for an honest review.

Rating: 5 Stars

                Marisa was just a normal girl getting some supplies on her way to see her bestie for a night in when she finds her besties boyfriend up to no good.  After some snooping she confirms he is a cheater and somehow she is now being asked to snoop on purpose for an ex-frenemy, Kendall, who has been back in town and might just have changed her ways.  Kendall wants Marisa to spy on her boyfriend, TJ, as he may have a mystery girl, only to find that as she gets to know TJ to try and get the dirt that she is crushing on him and she might be the mysterious girl….yikes.  There is a lot of snooping to be done and it might be more than a two-timing boy that ends up busted.

                This story first and foremost made me think of Veronica Mars which is a show I absolutely adored.  So win there.  Marisa starts out in a solid win from me because she not about to let someone hurt her friend if she can help it.  Her relationship with Charlie (BFF) reminds me in ways of my own relationship with my bestie.  All the characters really come to life as you read the story and find out the dish on each of them.  Digging into the lives and lies of others is not as fun as one might think and it leads to its own set of problems.  I love the dynamic between the different characters and how it is clear that each one has motives and personalities that make the decisions they make seem legit and true to them.  No one is perfectly blameless or flawless. 

                The story is very character driven and moved pretty fast for me.  I liked the drama that came with the story and I was eager to see how things would play out for everyone.  I had a good time reading this and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a light hearted contemporary or has ever dreamed of being a on the sly PI when in school. 

                Until next time…

Saturday, January 13, 2018

~Stacking the Shelves #37~

                Welcome to Stacking the Shelves was created by Tynga and the full details can be found on her page.  Basically you showcase the books you bought or received each week.  Little, or not so little, weekly book hauls.

E-Books Review:
Daughter of the Siren Queen(Daughter of the Pirate King #2) by Tricia Levenseller- I snagged one of my most anticipated reads!

Physical Books:
Midnight Hour (Shadow Falls;  After Dark #4) by C.C. Hunter
Night of Cake & Puppets (Daughter of Smoke & Bone #2.5) by Laini Taylor- this one…is filled with illustrations and I LOVE it!

                Still I got lots of goodies for my house which I am beyond thankful for.  Share a link below with what goodies you got this week.  Tomorrow I plan to announce my challenges and bookish goals for 2018 so check back by then!

Friday, January 12, 2018

The Lost & Found

                Hello Happy Readers!  A bit of a unique story I’m discussing my thoughts and feels on today, The Lost and Found by Katrina Leno.  I received a copy for an honest review and my original post can be found on No BS Reviews

Rating:  4.5 Stars

                This book is super cute.  Two people who meet online and bond over shared trauma in their lives as well as the inexplicable aspect of losing things.  Living on opposite sides of the country both receiving news that will put them both in the same place, a midway point between them and a chance to finally meet face to face after all this time. 

                First as someone who loves the internet and has made tons of amazing friends online over the years I adore this.  I have met some of my friends from online overtime and I would love to meet everyone if only travel were cheaper lol.  That and the whole pen pal idea caught my eye and hooked me.

                Frannie has had an interesting life to say the least.  Her trauma is….wow.  I can understand needing a support group for that and what she continues to deal with.  She is a pretty strong character in that respect because even when things are overwhelming while she may have moments of weakness she still manages to keep her head up and keep moving forward.  Plus her relationship with Arrow was precious.  Arrow also reminded me a bit of me and a couple of my friends, only with the OCD germs/cleaning aspect.  For sure not the running aspect.   

                Louis didn't suffer a horrible thing himself, he was there to witness it and live with the aftermath as his twin suffered and rebuilt.  Traumatizing for sure in a different way.  Still finding help and support online.  I loved how close he and Willa are.  I also got a pretty strong picture of her though him and I loved her struggles throughout as well, it all seemed very down to earth and relatable.  Never being separated from his twin and considering the possibility of living so far away is scary under normal circumstances.  Leaving home always is. 

                The Lost and Found is a contemporary story through and through with just a touch of magical realism.  Things magically going missing without rhyme or reason and then inconceivably being found in the most insane of places.  It's crazy and really interesting.  I loved the idea of it and where it could go but also how it and the results of it lead to some amazing depth in our Frannie and Louis.  When things randomly go missing from you it's hard not to at some point take it personally.  How some things are never really lost or finding thing you thought lost makes them all the more precious.

                This story really handles a lot of different issues very well.  It covers everything from fun and happy to dark and depressing.  Trauma, mental illness, diversity, and family dynamics are portrayed realistically around an overall rather fun idea of a road trip.  I still want to at this point to take a long road trip with a friend and just kind of make things up as we go along and I got to live vicariously though Frannie and Arrow for some of those aspects. 

                I really enjoyed this one and think it will appeal to anyone who enjoys contemporary at all as there is something for all.  I'd love to know what you think in the comments below.  

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

~Can't Wait Wednesday~ Being Alpha (Alpha Girl #7)

                Can't Wait Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Wishful Endings.  Waiting on Wednesday has been don for some time so I am switching it up for now!  Basically books that are not yet out that we are dying to get our hands on.  This week’s pick is:

Being Alpha (Alpha Girl #7) by Aileen Erin
Out:  2/13

From Goodreads:
                For the first time since Tessa met Dastien, life is quiet.  The evil witch, Luciana, is six glorious feet under, St. Ailbe’s is closed due to human trespassers, and people are finally getting used to the fact that supernaturals exist in the world.  It seems like the perfect time for a honeymoon.

                Tessa and Dastien’s trip to the Caribbean is turning out to be the honeymoon that fantasies are made of—sunset cruises, long walks on the beach, and every romantic cliché you can imagine.  She couldn’t be happier.  So, when a local man turns up inexplicably dead on the beach, Tessa brushes it off.  Not every bad thing that happens in the world is a supernatural mystery to be solved.  And when Sebastian—one of the Council of Seven Alphas who ruled all the werewolves—appears on the island, she thinks it must be a coincidence.  Everyone needs a break now and then.  Even council members.  Right?  Besides, Tessa is beyond determined to not let anything get in the way of her romantic vacation.

                But when Dastien goes missing, the honeymoon is most definitely over.  Tessa can’t ignore the signs anymore.  Something huge is going on.  And whoever messed with Tessa’s mate is in for a rude awakening.  Because if there’s one thing fighting rogue witches and werewolves has taught her, it’s how to be an Alpha.

Why I’m Waiting:
                Auto-buy author?  Check.  Auto-buy series?  Check.  What more do I need?  More Tessa and Dastien and I’m game.  I love this series!              

                What are you waiting on?  Tell me below what you think of this title and leave a link to your WoW as well so I can check it out.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I meant to read in 2017 but didn't

                Hello everyone!  Top Ten Tuesday is just how it sounds, a topic is picked and we put our Top Ten for that in a post and share and check out everyone’s answers.  Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Also I used to post movie reviews/recaps pretty regularly when I would go do marathons at the theatre but stopped for a while, now I go see at least 1 or 2 a week and am considering posting about them again.  Thoughts? 

The top ten today is:  Books I meant to read in 2017 but didn't

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline- I have heard people gush about this for a while now and once it was going to be made into a movie I knew I had to get on it.  Still haven’t yet even though the movie looks pretty cool so that is my deadline…release day.
PercyJackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan- I am so bad I have wanted to read these for years and have had the set since 2014….2018 though is the goal. 
The MaraDyer series by Michelle Hodkin- Had these for a while but again one I always meant to get to but just never did.
ShadowFalls:  After Dark series by C.C. Hunter- I read the original series and really enjoyed them and how fast paced they were and intriguing so I was looking forward to reading on but I had too much happening at one time to go straight into them but I don’t want to let another year pass so…
Starcrossed series by Josephine Angelini- I have enjoyed the first two books of the authors other series and also plan to finish the finale to it this year as well but yes this series has been on my shelf for over a year
How to Hanga Witch (How to Hang a Witch #1) by Adriana Mather- My best friend has been talking about this book since she read it and I kept meaning to get my hands on it and read it but never did
Wintersong (Wintersong #1) by S. Jae-Jones- A new release for 2017 this book had me intrigued and was an anticipated release I just didn’t get to
The Upsideof Unrequited by Becky Albertalli- I love her other book and she is so much fun I couldn’t wait to dive in but just never found the time
One of Us IsLying by Karen M. McManus- Another anticipated release I didn’t manage to get to
Any Colleen Hoover book- Seriously I've been wanting to try one of her many books I own for years but haven't done it yet

                 Tell me what you think of my list in the comments below.  Which would you recommend so I know which ones to get first?  Also please link back to your Top Ten as well so I can check out your list and see what I missed!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Frost Like Night (Snow Like Ashes #3)

                Hello Happy Readers!  So I had been waiting for this book,  Frost Like Night (Snow Like Ashes #3) for a long time.  It is the final book by Sara Raasch is the final book in the series.  I had started reading this series (Snow Like Ashes / Ice Like Fire) and really enjoyed it but more than that I was nervous to see how they were going to wrap it all up.  I finished the series some time back but as I was going through and making my 2018 goals I realized there were several books I read in the last year or so that I never did review and I set to rectify that.  I had the pleasure of receiving an advanced copy of this book through No BS Book Reviews and the original review is posted there but this one was too good not to share on here as well. 

Rating:  5 Stars

                I read the first two books in this series earlier in the year and was blown away.  I could not wait for the final book to see how things would wrap up and if I would be right about a few things I had predicted.  OMG was I stoked to get my hands on this one! 

                So excited to dive in and see how it ends….and also not wanting to all at the same time.  I didn’t want it to end.       I managed to push though that last part clearly and now I know how things end and WOW! 

                We left our gang last time split up.  Angra is alive and the Decay is spreading.  Meira split off to go to Paisly to learn from the Order to use her magic and stop Angra while Mather is to free her people that he can, his Thaw.  Still given the past he is unable to not go after her again.  Half of their world is fighting to save their people while the other half seem to have given into Angra by will or force.  It’s a final battle for everything and no one is safe. 

                I LOVED IT! 

                Everything is happening very quickly in the book.  There is constantly something happening and it really adds the feel of imminent threat to the characters we love.  Even more with the dual POVs when one character is doing something that takes some time another character is handling something pressing.  It also manages to weave in the bits of happiness and romance amongst all the pain and tears we are faced with. The way Raasch manages to combine all the different emotions and make them feel natural is stellar work.  The bits of happiness that made me squeal weren’t out of place in the middle of war but written in such a way they are curtail and not just because I want to know if Meira and Mather will ever have their moment or if Ceridwen will find happiness but because like life there is always bits of everything mixed in.  Hope in the dark.

                Magic takes on a larger role in this one.  Meira really begins to understand.  We begin to see magic for what it truly is and I enjoyed the way it was further explained both good and bad.  The way the Decay worked was really rather fascinating, never knowing 100% if it’s the person's true desires being amplified or simply being weaker willed and easily controlled.  With the Decay it's hard to know who can be trusted, even yourself.  I loved that no one was really truly immune.  Also as Meira learns more about her own magic it really moved things along, not just in giving her a real show against Angra but in how it was centered around her emotions.  It was really empowering seeing her go from shut off and somewhat broken to facing what is on the other side of her mental walls and accepting it good and bad. 

                We also talk a lot about sacrifice.  It's been a theme for sure but now we come to what it will truly take.  I enjoyed how it was huge and important but it also wasn’t beaten into the ground.  It's discussed and thought about often but in small parts, as one might assume it would be.  Sacrifice is also seen in other ways as well and I enjoyed the other aspects of it, how it's about letting yourself be open even if it makes you vulnerable and may hurt you in the end. 

                Now I have to talk a moment about Mather.  So I was always a Mather fan.  I was a bit mad at him at times, like when he went to go marry her off and all that when he was king to name one but while I had moments and enjoyed Theron in parts I always had a bit of me rooting for Mather.  It was so nice to see them spend time together in this book where they spent most of the other book apart.  I enjoyed that reconnecting and seeing the connection they shared from growing up together and knowing one another so well.  He is devoted to her not just as her warrior but as her friend.  I also loved that while he would defend her with his life he also knows she is a warrior herself and wouldn't try to see her as anything less. 

                There is just so much happening in this book. It's the end.  Things wrap up and for me I was happy.  Some things broke my heart and I hated the book for those moments but then after I had a few tissues I had to keep going to know, what next?  It has it all, a real roller coaster of emotion.  We got to know some characters more fully flushed out, Ceridwen for one might be my favorite addition to book two and having so much from her perspective wonderful. 

                I was sad to see it end but I'm so fulfilled it's all good.